WINGS- A unique start-up development program by Kingsman Venture

Mentorship. Investment Program. Funding. Co-partnership

We human beings have always had the urge to expand our horizons, and graduate to the next level.

This urge can be to start your own business to reach greater heights in your career, to expand your reach and income exponentially, or to get enough funding for your business to take it higher.

Till date the most powerful urge humans had was to fly. And when flying became a possibility, the entire world changed into a village.

With this philosophy we have given the name Wings, to our start-up development program.

Kingsman Solution Pvt Ltd has started a unique program called Wings. The aim of which is to provide you with wings to go to the next level in your business, investment or in your business idea.

Under this program, Kingsman Solution Pvt. Ltd. will select Co-ordinators.

Each co-ordinator will select and recruit members under him or her.

Each member along with the co-ordinator will make a group.

Every member in the group will work on his/her individual business project or plan or proposal. Members of all groups will submit their idea/plan.

All ideas will be thoroughly analysed by industry experts.

5 to 20 Applications will be selected from across group and funded upto 2crores in total.

Not stopping there, every member will be enrolled into an investment program wherein, with an investment of Rs 3000/month, they will earn 9% returns for five years.

Enroll with this program today and give wings to your:

How to Register in our Program?

Go to registration fill up the Registration Form(Select the investement plan-3000 onwards) Upload the document required Make Payment(Registration Fee1000+Tax + 1st Installment of RD) Click on Submit

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